30 Funny Memes About Drinking You’ll Relate To On A Deep Level


We've all had a few too many before, and this guy is the definition of that scenario. Just look at the girl in the back, she's clearly intoxicated but can't believe her eyes. This is a definitely a Halloween he'll never forget, or remember.


Ahh, the "just one drink" promise--been there done that. This meme perfectly describes my first year in college, and I'm assuming yours too. But who cares, late nights like these always make the best memories.


My friends used to know when I was drunk because I would mobile upload onto Facebook, and then proceed to text everyone I've ever known. Good thing they have apps now where you can lock yourself out of the ability to text your ex after drinking. Yeah, that's right, you can avoid the embarrassment.


If you're going to spend your night aimlessly drinking and drunk texting everyone you know, do yourself a favor and avoid the depressing hangover the next day. Drink some Hangover Tea and you'll be feeling brand new in no time. Finally, you can spend a night out with friends getting hammered at a bar and not waste an entire day recovering. The organic and natural materials in Hangover Tea replenish all the vitamin and minerals you lost while drinking and pump up hydration so you can be back to 100%.


"We want to know how to improve your workday, please leave suggestions in the suggestion box", Okay Susan, you asked for it. Next time you get a question like this in your office, casually drop this meme to your manager--this guy's face says it all.


There's a difference, okay.


We all have that one friend who always gets hammered and proceeds to make getting in the uber almost impossible. Let's get real, that friend is probably you.


"I'm fine, I'm totally fine." Said everyone right before they projectile vomit all over the dance floor. Keep in mind right before you're about to go over the edge, this is what you look like.


The best part about Hangover Tea, besides the fact that it will literally bring you back from the dead after a night of heavy drinking, is that it tastes amazing hot or iced. I don't know about you, but after I go out the first thing I do when I wake up is go in search for a big glass of cold water. But now I make iced Blissberry tea before I go out, that way it's waiting for me the moment I need it. It's better than hydrating with just water because it's packed with ingredients that will prevent nausea, upset stomach, and headaches so that you can skip all the gnarly side effects of drinking, and just remember the good times you had last night.


Perhaps one of the best parts about drinking is all the friends you make in the bathroom or in line at the bar. You know this is what you feel like when you're rollin' with your new crew.


When you're trying to decide if you're still looking cute or more like a hot mess. You still cute boo, you still cute.


It's not bad if you're not drinking alone, right? Sunday funday? Morning mixer?


Sorry, Gatorade. You're forever be associated with a hangover. Gatorade used to be the best hangover cure until now that is.


Hangover Tea is the new version of Gatorade because it's specifically designed to treat a hangover, not just for hydration. Not to mention, Gatorade isn't that good for you or your hangover because it's packed with so much sugar that it actually dehydrates you even more than you were before. Hangover Tea is sugar-free yet still packed with flavor and they offer two different kinds, one with caffeine and one without so you can cater to how you're feeling. The Blissberry tastes like a refreshing berry apple juice and the Green Tea tastes like a cup of citrus matcha heaven. I'm telling you, the next time you go out you've got to try Hangover Tea, you'll be shocked at how good you feel.


When you're trying to convince your friends (and yourself) that you're not even that drunk. If I looked like Beyonce when I was drunk, I'd be drunk all the time.


What is this, Animal House?! She even took a beer for the road, look at her purse. This would be quite the morning waking up in the dog door.


Excuse me, this text has expired. Your reply is no longer valid, I am not the same person.


The next time your liver requests a cleanse, hit it with the classic, "new phone who dis." This guy's face perfectly describes this response.


The one good thing about alcohol is that it makes you feel like Beyonce, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Until you wake up that is.


Want to be the most popular friend this holiday season? Buy a Party Pack of Hangover Tea and treat your friends to hangover free holiday fun. Now you don't have to think about what to get them, you just found the perfect gift. You're welcome.


Keeping Up with my drunk personalities. Isn't it funny how your personality can be completely different depending on what liquor you drink? Oh alcohol, you really do bring out the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Whenever this happens it's hard not to feel like a trained ninja. It's even better when all your friends witness your skills.


Another drunk Disney meme we're all about it sleeping beauty with her hangover gear on. Sunglasses and Advil are a must unless you have Hangover Tea.


"The spins! I've got the spins!" Stand your ground ladies and gents, it could get real ugly if you try and move a muscle. This is usually when you're two on, so remember folks, it's either one or the other.


This guy knows how to party, he's clearly glamorous. I wonder if the DUI law still applies to mini cars? Who cares, he doesn't.


Sometimes, it's a two drink at once kind of night. Just be honest with yourself, so you can have someone hold your morals for you.


Eight glasses of water a day is truly impossible, but eight glasses of wine, totally doable. Two bottles a day--easy peasy.


You're lying if you say you haven't done one of these drunken mistakes before. The worst part about the calculator alarm is that you don't realize your mistake until you're late for work.


You know, the gold spot, if you will. This is what you look like right before you're drunk. Take it in, take it all in.


Fact: this is an actual picture of you before you drink Hangover Tea. Don't be this turtle anymore, save yourself and your liver.